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Built for the Frame Building & Metal Roofing Industry.

AJ Walk Door
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AJ Manufacturing

Located in Bloomer, Wisconsin, A.J. Manufacturing (founded in the late 1960s) has created an environment of continuous improvement, unmatched innovation, on-time delivery, and highest-quality goods. 

As a customer-driven, niche marketer of innovative insulated door products, A.J. Manufacturing was formed with a goal of making the company a premier specialty insulated door manufacturer.

Their post frame doors and windows don’t just meet standards, they exceed them. Made with thicker steel, heavier hinges, and a higher level of galvanization and paint, AJ's products stand the test of time without rusting, warping, fading, or failing. With a wide variety of options, from consumer to utility and commercial-grade, you’ll find the perfect door or window for your project at the right price.


Walk Doors


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AJ Facebook Cover Photo.jpeg
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